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At-Home Bitcoin Miner
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Tiny, Powerful, Energy Efficient, Mac mini-sized Bitcoin miner.
Ideal for striking Crypto Gold in Solo Mining or just for experiments with Bitcoin.

Moon Miner

Tiny, Powerful, Energy Efficient, Mac mini-sized
Bitcoin miner for Home Use

The first ever At-Home Bitcoin miner for Bitcoin enthusiasts and Crypto Gold Solo Hunters, fighting for Bitcoin block solving reward on solo.ckpool.org or similar pools.

The current Bitcoin block solving reward is composed of 6.25 newly generated Bitcoins, which equal to $.

Moon Miner is available in 14nm / 5nm ASIC chips versions.
Preliminary specifications:

  • Power consumption: up to 300W (on the wall)
  • Hashrate for 5nm Moon Miner: up to 8 TH/s
  • Hashrate for 14nm Moon Miner: up to 4 TH/s
  • Interfaces: Ethernet port, Power supply, status LED
  • Size: 200mm x 90mm x 140mm
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